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Why do our knees work this way?

June 8, 2012

To get the attention of stupid people. I tore the shit out of my knee by acting like a spastic, brain dead howler monkey, and every person I’ve ever met who obliterated their knee also did it by behaving like a damned idiot. No smart person would smash into other people, fling themselves off stuff, let other people throw them around, anger mammals larger than themselves, or try to kick somebody in the head. The universe gave us fucked up knees because it didn’t want to waste fabric on “I’m a dumbass” t-shirts, and it figured that not being able to walk anymore coupled with nipple-puckering agony would get the attention of even really, really stupid people. Hell, I’m shocked that the universe didn’t put our genitals in our knees to keep us stupid sons of bitches from reproducing.

Either her knee is torn to hell, or she’s giving perverted gang signs.

Leave any questions in a comment. I’ll answer them later on. I may send a homeless boy to wax your car too.


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