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Did you get my email? (And how does that relate to promiscuous women?)

June 13, 2012

Full Question: Did you get my email?

What the hell do you think? In fact, let’s think about it together. You wouldn’t be bothering me with this pain in the ass question if I’d answered your email, right? So either I never saw it, I saw it and didn’t give enough of a shit to read it, I read it and thought it was too stupid to answer, or I figured I might answer later after taking care of crap more important than your gingerbread recipe or your picture of a cat riding a fucking unicycle. If I saw it, I didn’t care, and if I never saw it then my life was peachy without it. I sure as hell wasn’t sitting here thinking that my existence would be nothing but ice cream and horny girls if only I could get your god damned email. So if you really think your email is that important, send the son of a bitch again. Maybe you’ll get lucky this time.

This is where I was when I got your damned email, so bugger off about it.

If you’d like to send me a question to answer, I’d enjoy that more than popcorn and a box of Junior Mints, so send it in a comment, if you please.


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