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About Dougal

Dougal Falkirk, native of Ballachulich, Scotland, has spent decades acquiring a deep understanding of the universe, although he’s still a little shaky on gardening and fractions. His friends recently convinced him to share his eclectic and sometimes profane view of life and existence through this blog, and he’ll illuminate his understanding of reality by answering the great questions of our time. And the less great questions. And yes, he’ll answer the stupid questions too, so everyone is welcome to pose their own questions in the comments.

I asked Dougal to contribute to this page, and he declined except for observing that, “The  meaning of life is sure as fuck not 42, you tit.”

This is a foggy glen near Glencoe, in the Highlands. You can pitch a pasty Englishman into the middle of Ballachulich from here.

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